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Hello, you can call me Luna and I'm more of a writer, but I can draw pretty good (better thqn my mother can anyway). When I get the chance,I'll probably draw Sonic, Invader Zim, Pokemon or even my Castle High girls. Sooo... That's it. ^^

Current Residence: California
Favourite genre of music: Anything that sounds good
MP3 player of choice: *hisses*My ipod...
Favorite cartoon character: Sebastian Micheals, Italy (Feliciano Vargas), Karkat Vantas, Crona, Stork, Hikaru Kitachin
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Reading: Homestuck
  • Watching: Hetalia
  • Drinking: water. a looooooot of water...
Summer has started two days ago for me and I'm already bored. I've been watching a lot of stuff on youtube and got inspired to write different things and I really think my character development has improved.
Anyway, I'm working on two new things. Well, the first one isn't really new. I made it my first year in high school and thought it would be cool to go back and write it up again. It's turning out to be pretty good so far. ^^ I called it Oshigawa Sword Destiny's Edge. Message me if you wanna know more about it.
The second one I only came up with recently. I was inspired from Homestuck and Dramatical Murder. Basically, I took all my characters that I had since Middle School (Sinthius, Azurah, Skai, and Alex) and revised them in a way. It goes like this:
  Sinthius Connors is popular in school mostly due to his voice and looks. Girls have given him the title, 'Prince Connors' and most obsess over him daily as if he were a popular pop star singer. However, Sinthius is more of a sour and grumpy person. Azurah and Skai kind of made a game where they listen for rumors about Sinthius and Sinthius would mock the rumors in some way. Then, Sinthius encounters Alex and Anazi into a Engergy Bond battle.
Energy Bond is kind of like Pokemon, only when the monsters come up, they are only virtual. The monsters have no emotion or history. They are only used to battle and make stronger. The reason why it's called Energy Bond is because the monsters take the power that is from their partner's magick.
 Magick in this 'world' is more like a mutation. This mutation grows and can become stronger. Magick is explained later on in the story about it's origin.
Anyway, Sinthius notices that Alex and Anazi are battling a rank eight brawler, which is a person who participates in Energy Bong battle tournaments. Sinthius leads Alex and Anazi into victory, seeing this as unjustified.
Later, Sinthius encounters this game called Silent Pride. He decides to download it and plays it with Azurah, Skai, Anzi and Alex. Suddenly, their 'essence' or their 'inner being' you could say is sucked into the game. While in Silent Pride, all players are twice as strong compared to their reality selves. While in the game, their activity in there affects the real world as well. The plot in the game is unknown, but Azurah still finds it fun and insists they continue to play it.
Oh and don't give me weird looks or anything, but this may or may not be a yaoi. I still haven't decided. :shrug:

So, that's all I got. Here, enjoy this song as you go on throughout your day:… Have a great day~! ^^

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